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8 Keys to Living Your Best Life

Today, we feature a motivational article written by R.C. Blakes Jr. He is a writer, a pastor known worldwide for tackling issues and subjects that are sometimes uncomfortable for many leaders to address, and maybe even difficult for some people to understand. I have been following him for many years and find he has a heart for helping people. His following is mainly women as he helps them to become “Queens.”

In this piece, he is dealing with an issue that concerns success in life, so I am sharing it with you at the start of a New Year to encourage you to live purposefully.

Most people you will meet are miserable and unfulfilled. They lack the power of wisdom and understanding. You must be empowered to live your best life. God consciousness is the key to living your best life. (John 0:10)

There are two versions of yourself – what you currently are and what you can be. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

The term choice speaks to the employment of our mind to realize God’s best. You must change the way you think, to shift the direction of your life.

The measure to which we manifest the best version of our lives, lies in our conscious choices.

1. Prioritize Your Focus

You can't focus by accident; you must focus intentionally. FOCUS IS NOT A GIFT IT IS A DISCIPLINE. The main cause of wasted opportunity and squandered potential is broken focus. A person that attempts to do everything, ultimately does nothing. (James 1:8)

Broken focus is the main cause of mediocrity. This text gives us the first two focus priorities, which are, God and yourself. God is the foundation. Make Him your main priority and everything else will come into place. (Mark 12:30-31; Isaiah 26:3)

The next thing you need to focus on after God is yourself.

When it says, in Mark 12:31, love thy neighbor as yourself, it means that you can’t properly love another person beyond your self-love. Before we focus on others we must first master ourselves. YOU CAN NEVER MASTER SOMETHING YOU DON'T FOCUS ON. When is the last time you were your own priority?

2. Get Clear on Your Purpose

Your best life lies in knowing why you exist. Most people exist a lifetime having never lived; they never identify their purpose. (Proverbs 19:21) When you don't know your purpose, the world will misuse you. We locate our purpose by asking God to reveal it. We discover purpose within our natural gifting and the things that we possess that help people. You will also find that God will give you constant opportunity to participate in the thing he’s purposed you for.

Living for purpose is the master key to fulfilment. ILLUSTRATION: On land, a catfish looks stupid; when you put it into water it comes alive. When your gifting is placed in the right environment, your genius is revealed. Your purpose happens naturally when it is accommodated by a conducive environment.

3. Be Certain of Your Unique Gift and Its Value

To manifest your best life will require knowing what gifts you possess and the value of your gifts. Most have heard the story of David defeating Goliath; he was able to do that because David knew his gift and the value of it. (1 Samuel 17: 38-39) The quickest way to fail is to succeed at imitating someone else.

Too many people are depending on some outside agent to determine their value. Value is determined from within.

4. Process Your Insecurities

In John 4:18 Jesus brings a woman at the well into a divine encounter through a transparent conversation. He encouraged her to admit her truth. GOD CAN'T HEAL WHAT YOU WON'T REVEAL. Personal insecurities are designed to make you too small for your future. Insecurities prevent growth. (Jeremiah 1:6-8)

God told Jeremiah to face his fears and be what God ordained him to be. You will have to personally dispose of your insecurities as insecurities turn into inabilities.

5. Eliminate Everyone That Shrinks You

The biggest challenge with living our best lives is that there comes a point where we must make the choice to go there alone or to get stuck in the status quo with familiar people. Elevation always calls for separation. (2 Corinthians 6:17)

You must release anyone that won't let you rise.

6. Always Live on the Edge

Destiny is always far away from the comfort zone. Everybody wants destiny without risk. If you want to experience your best life, STOP PLAYING IT SAFE! Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself. (James 2:20) “NEVER PLAY IT SAFE”

7. Purge Your Heart of All Negativity

There are many smart and gifted people who can’t make anything happen. Why? They have allowed their hearts to be polluted and cluttered with offenses and trauma. When you keep your heart pure and positive, you give God something to work with. (Proverbs 4:23) Your heart is the manufacturing center of your life.

8. Strengthen Your Network

You’re going to need people who make you stronger. These will be people who bring gifts and abilities you may not possess. These are not necessarily friends, they are partners who add to you as you add to them. (Ecclesiastes 4:9) A network is different from a crew or friends. Your network is made up of people that are very different from you. They possess what you don't have. You will have to be secure enough to receive help from those who know what you don't.


RC Blakes, Jr., Lisa Blakes, "8 Keys to Living Your Best Life,"

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R.C. Blakes, Jr. is a husband and father of four. and a grandfather. RC Blakes is an empowerment speaker. Though he is a pastor, preacher and teacher, his approach is conversational. RC Blakes is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and lives between New Orleans and Houston, Texas. He has a passion to help people to understand purpose and to move beyond their pain through understanding. He’s married to Lisa Blakes. The two of them are partners in purpose as they work to change the world, one honest and transparent conversation at a time.

Jacqueline Cameron is a writer/editor with decades of writing experience running the gamut from blogging to reporting. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica and is the chief writer for the Jamaica So Nice Blog. She is a trained engineer and musician and loves to see people transformed through her work.

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