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CNN Travel's 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020

Rafting on the Martha Brae, Trelawny, Jamaica

Whether you want to relax on a remote island off the coast of Africa, ride Germany's coolest trains or spot howling monkeys in South America, there is much to explore heading into a new decade in 2020.

Japan will be hosting the Summer Olympics, Jamaica will be marking the late Bob Marley's 75th birthday, and Washington will be on pins and needles for much of the year preparing for the US presidential election.

The world however is in upheaval. As CNN Travel editors gathered to nominate some of their favorite places for our annual list, we saw the Assam region erupt in violence over India's anti-Muslim legislation and Zimbabwe wracked by drought.


Jamaica is renowed as one of the best places in the world to visit and has been named by CNN Travel as “One of its 20 best places to visit in 2020.” Our delectable food, the alluring reggae music, scintillating beaches, dazzling waterfalls, James Bond, Bob Marley, along with the warm spirit of our people -- Jamaica has a lot to offer, particularly in 2020.

In April, Ian Fleming's superspy James Bond appears in his 25th feature film, "No Time To Die," in which Daniel Craig's 007 returns to Goldeneye. Goldeneye was Ian Fleming's house where he wrote some of his James Bond novels. Fleming wrote 14 James Bond novels at Goldeneye, working there every winter from 1952 until his death in 1964. Guests can stay in the famed author's five-bedroom beachfront home on the northern coast of the island and make use of Fleming's writing desk.

Jamaica's favorite son, though, is the iconic reggae musician, Bob Marley, who would have turned 75 on February 6. Marley's Jamaica is a living, beating heart, overflowing with love, pain, history and cultural significance. The singer lived in Kingston, Jamaica's capital, and his fans can commune with the legendary artist at his former home, now the Bob Marley Museum.

Don't miss: The stunning cliff-side Rockhouse hotel in Negril, whose early guests included Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. Since taking over the property in 1994, the resort's owners have fused its rock 'n' roll heritage with its environment. Through its charitable foundation, Rockhouse has invested $5 million in childhood education programs. This has included revitalizing six schools, most recently opening the island's first school that serves students with special needs. Guests at Rockhouse and its sister property, Skylark, are welcome to tour the school and meet the educators, administrators and children.


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