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The Top 5 Spots to Watch Beautiful Sunsets in Jamaica

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Finding the perfect spot to watch beautiful sunsets in Jamaica is easy and can create one of your most magical memories while on your vacation. As you meditate on an awesome Jamaica sunset your soul is renewed and you will never forget this island paradise. Come to Jamaica soon as we reopened to tourists on June 15.

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill offers one of the most panoramic views of Kingston, across the plains, over the harbor and out to the airport. Enjoy the glow of a golden sunset while relaxing at the hotel’s bar and restaurant. A half an hour’s drive from the city center, this former coffee plantation turned boutique hotel belongs to music mogul Chris Blackwell. Come for a drink, stay for the night – Strawberry Hill is also a great gateway to the Blue and John Crow Mountain Ranges.

Tel: (876) 944-8400

Pelican Bar

Located a quarter of a mile out at sea, Floyd Forbe’s legendary Pelican Bar has acquired the note-worthy reputation of being one of the coolest bars in the world. Based on a dream he had, Floyd constructed his bar on stilts bit-by-bit, naming it after the pelicans he found on the sand bank nearby. The bar offers cold (bottled) drinks, a rowdy game of dominoes with local fishermen, and ample space on various decks to watch the stunning south coast sunset. Most local fishermen will carry guests to Pelican Bar - ask at your accommodation for details.

Rockhouse Hotel

The pristine cove cliffs in Negril is where you’ll find the Rockhouse Hotel. A relaxed yet distinguished sense of luxury awaits at the Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel as cited by the World Travel Awards. There is also no shortage of amenities found at this 8-acre paradise of magical sunsets in an eco-conscious environment.

Tel: (876) 957-0925 / (876) 957-4373

Rick’s Cafe

The cliffs of Negril at the westernmost part of the island boast spectacular sunsets, and nowhere has a reputation for it like Rick’s. This world-famous spot, which started out as a sleepy bar in 1974, has been devastated by more than one hurricane. It keeps returning though, with better ways to end a fun-filled day sipping a signature Jamaican drink while watching the sky catch fire.

Tel: (876) 957-0380

Longboarder Bar

This off the beaten path chill spot is in an undiscovered part of Jamaica and a quick drive from the hustle and bustle of Kingston. You can spend the day at this spot in Roselle, St. Thomas surfing and eating delicious food. Sit under the spreading branches of a tree and sip a cold beer to sounds of a DJ, live music or nature as the sun slowly sinks into the sea.

Tel: (876) 427-0408


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Jacqueline Cameron is an editor/writer with years of writing experience running the gamut from blogging to reporting. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica and is the chief writer for the Jamaica So Nice Blog. She is a trained engineer and musician and loves to see people transformed through her work.

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