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What are the Best Romantic Dates to Enjoy in Jamaica

Most couples are used to classic dates such as dinner, drinks, or a movie. After thinking really hard, I came up with 30 ideas for romantic dates in Jamaica. These are separated by fun day-trips and date nights. All prices are listed in J$ and US$ and ranked from cheapest to most expensive for two persons.

Fun Daytime Activties

· Watch sunset by Lovers’ Leap, especially on Sundays which are complimented by the sweet strains of saxophone and live music. ($0)

· Take the Downtown Kingston Creative Artwalk together, which happens on the last Sunday of every month. ($0)

· Take a couples’ hike in the Blue Mountains. Get trail ideas here. ($0-400: US$ 3)

· Visit an off-the-beaten-path beach together for a secluded experience. There’s at least one in each parish. ($0-500: US$4)

· Visit a waterfall on its least popular day. Somerset Falls in Portland even charges less on weekdays which means more savings for you. Get a complete list of Jamaica’s waterfalls here. ($0-3,000: US$20)

· Tour a museum, greathouse or art gallery together. Last Sundays at the National Gallery in Kingston is free. ($0-3,000: US$20)

· Sit and chat over some Fro-Yo! Ex: at Tutti Frutti, Fruitalicious Frozen Yogurt ($600 up: US$4 up)

· Get ice cream at Devon House in Kingston and stroll the historic property after. ($800 up: US$6 up)

· Get ice-cream rolls together. Ex: at Rolly Polly, Tai-Tai Ice Cream Rolls. ($800 up: US$6 up)

· Share a picnic at a free botanical garden. A bottle of wine adds a nice touch. ($1,000 up: US$7 up)

· Go fishing then get your catch prepared for you at the DaCosta Farms. ($1,860 for 2 fishes, rent 2 rods for $600: US$18)

· Set your inner child free by visiting the zoo! There’s the Hope Zoo in Kingston, Jamaica Hope Gardens and the Black River Safari & Crocodile Nursery, both in St. Elizabeth. ($2,000-4,000: US$15 - 30)

· Learn and eat your weight in fruit while touring the Bluefields Organic Fruit Farm in Westmoreland. ($4,000: US$30)

· Break out of the PuzzleIt! JA escape rooms in time together. ($4,000: US$30)

· Feed hummingbirds together at Barney’s Hummingbird Garden in Negril, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and Ahhh! Ras Natango, both near Montego Bay. ($4,000 up: US$30)

· Take a coffee or rum taste test and farm or factory tour ($5,000-8,000: US$36 - 57).

· Go rafting on the Martha Brae river, Rio Grande, Blue Lagoon and in Lethe, Hanover. ($8,000 up: US$60 up).

· Do water-sports together such as scuba diving, parasailing and snorkeling. ($8,000 up: US$60 up)

· Go zip-lining together ($9,000 up: US$65 up)

· Take a catamaran cruise or hop aboard a glass-bottomed boat. ($10,000 up: US$70 )

· Spend a luxurious day at the spa together. ($25,000 up: US$180)

· Take to the air together. Ex: paragliding from Skyline Drive in Kingston or from Santa Cruz–Treasure Beach, skydiving from Boscobel, St. Mary and helicopter tours over Ocho Rios. ($75,000 up: US$530 up)

· Create an itinerary with a few of the options from above and take a road trip (cost variable).

Date Night Out

· Sing your heart out at karaoke nights, offered at multiple restaurants and bars across the island ($0). Ex: CC South Beach on Tuesdays, Jojo’s Jerk Pit on Thursdays.

· Go skating at the Destiny Rink in Portmore. ($1,000: US$7)

· Picnic under the stars. Ex: at Emancipation Park in Kingston. ($1,000 up: US$7 up)

· Swim & sail in the bio-luminescent Luminous Lagoon in Trelawny. ($2,000: US$15)

· Go bowling at Jamzone in Manor Centre. ($2,300 up: US$16 up)

· Support live Jamaican theatre at a play and laugh your head off! ($3,000: US$20)

· Channel your inner Picasso at Paint & Sip Ja with multiple meetups monthly, mostly in Kingston. ($5,600: US$40)

· Awake your inner Michelangelo at Sculpt & Sip. ($8,000: US$60)

· Visit a hotel ballroom or restaurant which offers Salsa/Latin nights, often on Thursdays. Ex: CC South Beach on Thursdays (cost variable)

There are countless things for couples to do in Jamaica–a little creativity goes a long way in keeping your relationship romantic. Modify these activities as you see fit to work with your budget too! Pay attention to online deal websites too like Gustazo’s and Brawta Living.


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